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Intellicoin provides a Secure, Flexible and Reliable payment System


Pre-Sale Ended
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Upcoming Projects and Announcements

    • Mobile Messaging App for mobile users
    • Hassel free integration of mobile contacts
    • Send mobile payments to friends and family
    • Effortless, intuitive and simple
    • A dedicated platform to digitally sign your contracts
    • Fast, Anonymous and Secure
    • Access to all the contracts in one place
    • Now with features to personalize your contracts.
    • A Simple Multicurrency Wallet Client for all your needs
    • Easy access to IntellCoins and BitCoins on the go
    • Support for Windows Systems
    • Exclusive developer support on Github

Terms and Conditions

The following terms govern the presale of Genesis Block of IntelliCoins.

  • IntelliCoin is a P2P decentralized cryptocurrency. Individuals & businesses should carefully weigh the risks of acquiring the cryptocurrency early in the Genesis Sale. This Pre-Sale is for 15% of the entire coins.
  • By participating in the pre-sale you acknowledge the terms associated with the presale, and fully understand the risks .
  • The presale will commence on 1st August, 2014 and will last for 10 days.
  • You can purchase the IntelliCoin by following the instructions on the pre-sale page (TBA Soon) and sending the bitcoins to the pre-sale address. You can send multiple payments to your address during the presale period.

  • The percentage of IntelliCoin to be sent will be determined by the amount invested from each address. The coins will be sent to the email registered during presale after the launch

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